Join the Chapter of Our 1-5 Vietnam Veterans Association

1/5 Vietnam Veterans Association Membership Policies


  1. The 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Association is an official “Unit Chapter” of the 1st Marine Division Association. Our stated purpose is to support the Association and their Scholarship Program and to support the 1/5 Vietnam Veterans own  Rodney Davis (MOH) Scholarship Fund and the troops of 1/5 and the 1st MARDIV.
  2. The 1/5 Vietnam Veterans publish a newsletter, The 1/5Vietnam Veterans Newsletter which is sent out three times a year to all those on our newsletter mailing list, free of charge to all “members in good standing” of our Association, or to those who wish to receive the newsletter via email attachment. Our newsletter is our primary form of communication between our organization and over 600 Vietnam Veterans who served in the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, as well as family members and friends. Newsletter issues include information about our annual reunions and other events and items of interest, stories that happened to 1/5 Vietnam Veterans during the war, and other stories about more current events.
  3. Membership in the 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Unit Chapter is completely voluntary. You do not have to become a Chapter Member to continue receiving The 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Newsletter. Simply provide us with your email address. The form may be found on the "Contact Us" page.
  4. The only requirement for membership in the 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Association is that the applicant must be a “member in good standing” of the 1st Marine Division Association. Applications for membership in the 1st Marine Division Association can be obtained in their magazine, The Old Breed News, or online.
  5. Chapter Membership can be obtained by completing an application form and submitting either annual dues ($25.00 per year) or one-time life membership dues ($250.00). Applications for membership in the 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Association can be obtained  online.


1/5 Vietnam Veterans Unit Chapter

1st Marine Division Association Chapter Officers – 2020-2021

New officers will be elected and installed at the 1st Marine Division Reunion being held at Camp Pendleton, CA this year August 2nd thru the 8th, 2021.



Jim Dougherty

Vice President

Glenn Borvansky

Benny Benware (Deceased)

Gerry Regan

John Chang

Joe Andrews

Interim Communications Officer:
Jim Latta

Finance Committee

Fundraising Committee:

Membership Committee
Membership Committee Chairman:

Newsletter Committee

Reunion Committee
Reunion Committee Co-Chair:

Reunion Committee Co-Chair:

History Committee
History Committee Co-Chair:
Ed Engel

History Committee Co-Chair:
Harold Thrasher