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Highpockets’ War Stories and Other Tall Tales


The book is about the Marine Corps career of Colonel Pete “Highpockets” Hilgartner, who had one of the most distinguished combat careers in the Marine Corps. You read never-before-told stories of combat in Korea and the Que Son Valley of Vietnam. If you are interested in military history, you will find these accounts unique and fascinating. As one female reader told us, “I’m not a fan of war stories, but the accounts of combat had me on the edge of my chair with my heart in my mouth. It’s an exciting, quick, easy read.”

Nicholas Warr’s Phase Line Green is a first-person account of the struggle for Hue, one of the defining battles of the Communist 1968 Tet Offensive, and indeed of the entire war. As a relatively new Marine platoon leader, just arrived in Vietnam , then Lieutenant Warr participated in the “liberation” of the former capital of the Vietnamese emperors, an event which would have a life-long searing impact. Twenty-nine years later, in this book, he tells his story from the perspective of the small unit leader in vivid prose that has lost none of its urgency or pungency in the passage of time. In the telling, he spares few, including himself. Click here.

On 30-31 January 1968, during the Vietnamese lunar New Year, the Vietnamese Communists mounted a surprise offensive throughout all of South Vietnam . Most of these attacks were by local Viet Cong units. There was one place, however, where the Communists committed first-line North Vietnamese units, and that was in the one-month struggle for Hue .

“Corpsman Up” is the cry that echoes across the battlefield whenever a Marine is wounded in combat. The book tells the story of men at war from a unique perspective; that of a medical specialist assigned to a Marine combat platoon. It is 1969; Hospital Corpsman Mike Lombardo arrives in Vietnam determined to follow in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather in war. He quickly discovers there is nothing glamorous or heroic about war. ………..”

The Virtual Wall provides a web site for memorials to those 58,249 women and men who are named on “The Wall”, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, USA; those military persons who gave the “ultimate sacrifice” for their country. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington was built from private donations. The Wall was dedicated in 1982, and completed in 1984 with the addition of the “Three Servicemen Statue.” Since its completion, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington has belonged to the people of the United States of America and has been maintained by the U. S. National Park Service. The Virtual Wall web site is not affiliated with the U.S. National Park Service.

The Names NOT on the Wall, (based on John “Doc” Hutchings’ tour with the Fighting Fifth Marines October 1968-1969) is a story of those Marines who lived because their “Doc” (a young Navy Corpsman) was there with them in the fight. He was there when rounds tore their flesh and limbs from their bodies. Based on actual experiences as a combat Corpsman, it describes Doc Bear’s metamorphosis from an unwilling Navy “squid” opposed to the war to becoming a “Doc”, face-to-face with war at its worst.

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